Eliminate Blockages in Your Sewer Line

Find the sewer line cleaning services you need in Cranston, RI

Don't allow your sewer line to get backed up. The Pipe King can keep your sewer system flowing clean and clear. We'll come to your property to take care of sewer line cleaning for you. We have the equipment and experience needed to clear out your drainpipes and sewer lines.

Arrange for sewer line cleaning in Cranston, RI today.

Figure out what's causing trouble in your sewer system

We can give you a clearer picture of the situation with your blocked sewer line. We'll perform a sewer line camera inspection to determine what is lodged in your sewer line. Using our sophisticated camera, we can figure out if:

  • There are tree roots growing into your sewer line
  • There's a clog backing up your sewer line
  • Your pipes are leaking
Call now to ask about the sewer line camera inspections we perform in and around Cranston, RI.